CSRIPS Program Catalog & Student Reference Guide

The CSRIPS Program Catalog & Student Reference Guide is a mandatory read for all incoming students.  The document not only contains program specific information, it contains the rules and regulations for the CSRIPS students.  During the academic year, policies may be added or revised and those policy addendums are listed here.  At the end of the academic year, the addendums are compiled into the CSRIPS Program Catalog & Student Reference Guide.  At this point, as policy revisions are made, new addendums would be generated and will be listed here.


EMS Externship Policies

Addendum 1.0

EMT-Basic Grading System

Addendum 1.2

Testing - Retakes

Addendum 1.3

Externship to Attendance Policy

Addendum 1.4

Demerit - Attendance Policy

Addendum 1.5

Faculty Listing

Addendum 2.0

Private Spaces

Addendum 3.0

Dining and Vending Services

Addendum 4.0

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices

Addendum 4.1


Addendum 5.0

Grading Scale

Addendum 6.0