These are the steps you will need to follow to apply for and be accepted into the
CSRIPS Firefighter I & II training program.

Start Date: 2023-04-24
Day Class

Open House: January 30

Open House: February 4

Entrance PAT: February 12

Registration: February 27 – March 3

Notification: Week of March 6

Add/Transfer/Drop: March 13 – 17

Tuition Due: March 10

  • tuition & fees due with late registration application
Start Date: 2023-07-08 Accel Night Class


Open House: May 2 & 6

Practice PAT: March 26 & April 23

Entrance PAT: May 7

Registration: June 5 – 9

Notification: Week of June 12

Add/Transfer/Drop: June 19 – 23

Tuition Due: June 16

  • tuition & fees due with late registration application
Start Date: 2023-08-14
Day Class


Open House: May 2 & 6

Practice PAT: March 26 & April 23

Entrance PAT: May 7

Registration: June 5 – 9

Notification: Week of June 12

Add/Transfer/Drop: June 19 – 23

Tuition Due: June 16

  • tuition & fees due with late registration application
Full Time Day Class

Class is five (5) days per week

  • Monday – Friday
    • 8am – 5:30pm
  • Approximately 16 weeks
Part Time Accelerated Night Class

Class is four (4) times per week

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • 5:30pm – 10:30pm
  • Saturday
    • 8am – 5pm
  • Approximately 23 weeks
Part Time Night Class

Class is three (3) times per week

  • Tuesday and Thursday
    • 5:30pm – 10:30pm
  • Saturday
    • 8am – 5pm
  • Approximately 31 weeks

2022 – 2023

  • Application Fee: $25.00
  • Deposit Fee: $50.00
  • L&M Fee: $314.00
  • Facility Fee: $35.00

Tuition is paid upon acceptance into the Firefighter I & II program

2022 – 2023

  • Tuition: $3450.50

Valid forms of payment include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Florida Prepaid
  • Florida 529
  • Sallie Mae
  • VA Benefits
  • Private Scholarship
External Expenses

The following estimated fees are paid directly to the vendor and not CSRIPS.  Prices should be verified with the vendor.

  • Bunker Gear Rental, SCBA Mask & Fit testing: $1200.00
  • Books: $140.00 (information on how to purchase the books will be available after the registration period closes.  Do NOT order books until you view this information.)
  • Fingerprint process (Background check): $47.00
  • State Exam Fee: $30.00
  • InUnison (Uniform package): $120.00


Deciding to enroll at the Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety to pursue your dream of becoming a Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic in the State of Florida is a huge step. It can be an overwhelming journey if not planned out properly. To help you succeed we will provide information on a career path that may work best for you.

We offer all the required courses that you will need in order to become a successful candidate for a position as a Firefighter in Florida. Most agencies located in the South East (Broward, Dade & Palm Beach) will require candidates to be Firefighter/Paramedic certified as a minimum however other regions will hire Firefighter/EMT’s or just Firefighters.

This means that you will need to complete EMT, Paramedic and Firefighter I & II and become State certified in all three courses. This can be accomplished at CSRIPS. Now you need to decide whether to start with the medical courses, EMT and then Paramedic, or the Fire course, Firefighter I & II. The information we provide can help you determine which will be best for you. Please review each course to assist with making the best decision for you to be successful, remember this process can take up to two (2) years to complete.



Acceptance into the CSRIPS Firefighter I & II program is a first come first serve process.  Only students that have a fully completed application, including application fee, will proceed in the application process.  If your application is not complete in any way, your application will not be reviewed and will not be accepted.

If you are a returning student, please read this carefully.  When you apply, please enter your name and email that is currently on record.  Once you do that, you will be presented a screen that will direct you to your email for a personalized link to complete your application.  Do NOT share this link with anyone.  This is your personal information.  When you click on the provided link, your application will appear and the information in your student record will be automatically populated.  Do NOT create a new student record if you are a current student with us.  Duplicate records may cause you to be removed from the program.


The application process  has been updated. Please review the 6 steps below for our updated information.  Additionally, Firefighter I & II candidates ARE REQUIRED to have their EMT Certificate of Completion or Paramedic Certificate of Completion in order to register for Firefighter I & II.


Open House has not only returned but now offers 2 options!  You may attend either the in-person Open House or the virtual option.  Each one has it’s benefits and you get to select which one is best for you.  Please refer the home page for details.


Entrance PAT’s are valid for 6 months and must be valid on Day 1 of class.   Successfully passing the EPAT does not guarantee enrollment into a Firefighter I & II class.


Medical Examination: Students must have a medical examination completed by a physician to determine fitness for firefighter training (Entrance PAT and Firefighter I&II). Both sides of the Medical Examination form (DFS-K4-1022) must be signed. Page 1 requires a stamp from the medical office. Medical exams must be current within six months of the first day of class.

The EPAT will be offered once per quarter.  Please click the links below to see the description and schedule.


The Practice PAT will be held monthly.  Please click on the link below for the schedule.


In order for your application to be submitted for review, you must complete all of the required information and upload during the application enrollment period.  This is a first come first serve process so in order to increase your chances of being accepted, you are strongly encouraged to have all information ready when you begin your application.  Below is everything you will need to have on hand for the application.  You will need to have a PDF or picture for certain file uploads. 

  1. FCDICE Number
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Tobacco Affidavit (notarized) – Found under Resources/Documents and Forms at top of Homepage or Firefighter page.
  4. Proof of Age; Driver’s License or birth certificate (Picture or PDF)
  5. Diploma or Transcript (Picture or PDF)
  6. VA Information  (if applicable; Picture or PDF)
  7. IEP Information (if applicable; Picture or PDF)
  8. Completed Medical Exam Form
  9. Emergency Contact Information
  10. EMT-Basic or EMT-Paramedic Certificate of Completion

Please see above for specific details in regards to the Entrance PAT.

*Individuals who have been arrested or convicted for any crime are strongly urged to inquire directly of the licensing board in the jurisdiction in which they intend to practice.

Optional information considered for review:

  • Highest level of education completed (transcript or diploma required)
  • Member in Good Standing of a Fire Explorer Program (letter required, must be on department letterhead)
  • Certificate of Completion from a CSRIPS EMT, Paramedic or Firefighter I&II Program (documentation required)
  • National/State Certified EMT or Paramedic (national or state license required)
  • Honorably Discharged Veteran (DD214 required)
  • City of Coral Springs/Parkland Employee, CSRIPS Intern (self/spouse/dependent/sibling – documentation required)
  • Established Resident of Coral Springs or Parkland (documentation required)
  • Dependent/Spouse of CSRIPS EMT, Fire or Paramedic Alumni (documentation required)
  • Current First Responder – Firefighter/Police Officer/ Medical (self/spouse/dependent/sibling –documentation required)
  • Letter of Recommendation from a Fire Department Chief (must be on department letterhead)

The application process is now a 2 step process.

  • Step 1 – Basic student information along with payment of the application fee.
  • You will receive an email within 24 hours after completing Step 1 with instructions for completing Step 2 within your MyCSRIPS student portal.  Step 2 must be completed within 24 hours.
  • Step 2 –
    • Submit Required Application
    • Submit Optional Information

The student should only complete Step 2 after paying the application fee.  (If you are unable to complete Step 1, the course may be full or registration has closed.  Do not contact the office.)  Once Step 2 has been completed, the student’s application is considered complete and will be reviewed for consideration.


Email is the primary means of communication.  It is the students responsibility to check email daily.  We will not track you down.  If the assignments or tasks listed below do not get completed by the assigned date, you will be dismissed from the class.

All applications are submitted electronically and the admissions staff is reviewing and notifying students accordingly.  Each term has a notification period.  Please do not call the office asking about your application status.  You will be notified about your status during the notification period via email.

  • Accepted
    1. Complete instructions on acceptance letter
    2. Pay the Lab & Materials fee and Facility fee on MyCSRIPS invoice
    3. Accept Student Enrollment Agreement within MyCSRIPS record
    4. Pay tuition
  • Alternate List
    1. If there are more qualified applicants than seats available in the current class offering, those applications not initially selected will remain on the list as an Alternate and will only be chosen to fill the remaining spots in the event one becomes available before the start of the Program. Once the Program starts, the remaining applicants will have to reapply for future class offerings.
  • Denied
    1. Reapply next registration period

Should a student be accepted into Firefighter I & II, an email notification will be received welcoming the student and providing instructions for the next steps.  The student will be provided information for books, Day 1 expectations, dress code, and more.

Some of these items will have due dates.  It is extremely important the student review the information and plan their time accordingly.  Any item not getting done by the due date will result in the student being dismissed from class.


Have you read all 6 steps above?

Do you have all of your files saved in the proper format and ready to upload?

Do you understand how you will be notified of your status?

Do you understand you will be responsible for items after you submit your application and if you are accepted?

Spring 2023 Application Information 

CSRIPS recently implemented changes to our application process.  Ensure that you have reviewed all of the steps above.

Registration will open Feb 27th at 7am.

Firefighter I & II Outcomes

Based on 2022 Accreditation Reporting



License Pass Rate