Payment Options

//Payment Options

A post-secondary education is one of life’s biggest investments.  Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety encourages students to use their own resources first to finance their education. When personal resources of the student are insufficient to meet the total cost of education, there are other options for the student to consider.

Each class has a tuition due date.  It is permissible to make partial payments up until the final due date.  For example, if you have registered for Rope Rescue Operations, you can make partial payments up until the last date of registration to pay your tuition.  The only payment that is required to secure your spot in class when applying is your registration fee.

Other Ways to Finance Your Education

Florida Prepaid: Although not currently approved by FAFSA to offer financial aid, the student may consider withdrawing from their Florida Prepaid if applicable.  Certain restrictions may apply so it is suggested that the student seek the advice of the Florida Prepaid staff before proceeding.

Scholarships: Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety accepts scholarships.  If you are a recipient of an Explorer scholarship or other type of scholarship, please contact us.

Alternative Loans: If you have utilized all other forms of financial aid and still require additional funding to pay your education, banks and other lending corporations make available education loans which require you and sometimes a co-signer to pass a credit check. These loans vary according to each lender. You should look into them closely before committing to a particular lender in order to determine your responsibilities according to their terms and conditions.