New Hire Assessment

//New Hire Assessment


June 4, 2021 11:59pm

Testing Schedule

Questions about any portion of the application process should be directed to Division Chief Mike Caldaro at or 954-346-1759.

June 13          Orientation and Written Exam
  • Now complete.
June 14           Swim Test
  • Now complete.  Please see results below.
June 19          Fire and EMS Practical Testing
  • 4180 NW 120th Avenue, Coral Springs, Florida  33065
  • Please see report times/door closed at below.
  • Dress Code:
    • Plain navy, black or grey t-shirt (no logo)
    • Navy station pants (straight or BDU)
    • Black belt, black ANSI certified boots (steel or composite toe)
    • Structural firefighting gloves
    • Approved fire helmet with face shield
Remainder of Schedule
June 23 – 25      Candidates Selected for Processing Contacted for Oral Board Interview
June 28 – July 1     Oral Board Interview
June 30 – July 16     CVSA Testing – 2 Hour Appointments
July 19 – 21     Chief Interviews
July 22    Candidates Selected by Chief for Potential Hire Enter Background
September 10    Conditional Offer of Employment
September 13-24    Medical Exam, PPE, Uniforms & FIT testing
September 27    Advise of Medical Clearance / Confirm Final Offer of Employment
October 11    First Day of Work as a Coral Springs Firefighter/Paramedic
December 3     Graduation from recruit academy (8 weeks)
Being late for any part of the testing will result in immediate dismissal and there will be no opportunity for a make up.
The following candidates will be moving on to the practical skills assessment.

Be sure to bring snacks and water.  The first group will not be released until the second group arrives and is signed in.

Please bring your helmet and structural firefighting gloves.  If you do not have a set for testing, a set will be provided.

8:30am doors closed
Abdala Pablo Hector
Aronoff Shawn Evan
Balanta Gustavo Adolfo
Bayer Joshua Zachary
Bernardo Giancarlo
Biddison Grant Banks
Calvin Jakob Michael
Campi David
Canaan Kendall Elyse
Cardona Eric Jonathan
Cedeno Robert
Chirone Jason
Cigalotti Shawn Taylor
Diaz Kevin
Francia Freddy
Garcia Rolando I.
Giuffrida Carmine
Gualtieri David
Hoelderlin Logan Bradley
Howie Dillan
Jackson Griffin
Jayne Travis Cole
10:00am doors closed
Fagan Krystal
Kakis Arthur
Moortgat Benjamin Peter
Newland Brandon
Parets Ivan
Rey Stanislaw
Reyes Alfredo
Santiesteban Gerald
Satchell Brett
Siciliano Ashley
Spires Daniel Gregory
Squillacioti Thomas Anthony
Tilles Zachary B
Trappberger Stephanie
Vigo Albert Justin
Vilandry Joseph
Wallace Jason Mark
Webber Tore
Williams David Caleb
Young Ryan Geoffrey
Zafar Hassan

Testing Protocols

These protocols are being provided to you as a study guide.  Please be sure to review the materials that correspond with your career goals.