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Q&A for the Broward County Firefighter Regional Assessment Test (BC-FRAT).
2018/01/10 09:00:00

The Broward County Firefighter Regional Assessment (BC-FRAT) is a test sponsored by the Fire Chief’s Association of Broward County (FCABC) and will be used as a hiring tool for the participating agencies.  The Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety is proud to offer this opportunity to candidates that are currently certified as either a Firefighter/EMT (FF/EMT) or Firefighter/Paramedic (FF/PM) to test for potential openings in our profession and be eligible for hire by the agencies listed. The process is set up to have these agencies all have equal opportunity at hiring candidates that are successful in the process.


Two (2) different tests will be offered for certified candidates ONLY

Firefighter / EMT

Firefighter / Paramedic

The Broward County Firefighter Regional Assessment Test (BC-FRAT) will be offered twice during the calendar year





  • January 10: Registration Opens
  • January 14: Countywide PAT (Separate registration – only if you do not currently have a valid Countywide Certificate)
  • February 5: EVOC (Separate registration – only if you do not currently have an EVOC Certificate)
  • February 14 (5pm): Registration Closes
  • February 18: Written exam (EMS Virtual Reality hands on tour after completion of the Written Exam)
  • February 24: Firefighter Practical
  • February 25:  Firefighter Practical
  • March 3: EMS Practical
  • March 4: EMS Practical

Candidates will be informed of testing times once registration has closed and final headcounts established.  Candidates must test during their allocated time block and no changes or requests will be permitted.  Please arrange to keep your schedule open for the entire day on ALL DATES.

Should any changes occur in dates or testing phase, students will be notified via email. 

Candidates must review the BC-FRAT Manual for all rules regarding the testing process.

Cost: $150.00

Participating Agencies

The hiring agencies listed here will have access to candidate information from all current (fiscal year), valid testing sessions.  Results from the testing are expected to be posted approximately 1 week after the final test.  Agencies will be able to sort the information as they see fit however they will not be able to alter any information.   Each of the agencies listed is a hyperlink.  Please feel free to explore the city and department information.

Application Process

Each candidate must have their valid certifications during the registration period. Once the registration period is closed no additional applicants will be taken for that testing period.  All candidates will be required to upload the following documents to complete the application:

  5. VALID BROWARD COUNTY-WIDE PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT TEST (CW-PAT) (CSRIPS and BFA Countywide are the only valid certificates).

EMS Testing Protocols

These protocols are being provided to you as a study guide.  Please be sure to review the materials that correspond with your career goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BC-FRAT?

The Broward County – Firefighter Regional Assessment Test (BC-FRAT) is a multi-agency employment screening process designed to eliminate the duplication of pre-employment testing for the benefit of the candidate.

How often is the BC-FRAT offered?

BC-FRAT will be offered twice a year; once in the spring and another one in early fall.  Test results are valid for one (1) year and the candidate may choose to sign up for each BC-FRAT offered but results are only valid for one (1) year.

What are the testing criteria for the BC-FRAT?

Candidates can register for one of two (2) testing sessions:

  • Certified Firefighter/EMT
  • Certified Firefighter/Paramedic
What is the testing process?

The BC-FRAT is a three part test and will require a candidate to participate in all three areas to receive a full score.  The three parts are:

  • Written Assessment
  • Fire Performance Objectives (PO’s)
  • EMS Skills
What certifications are required to take the BC-FRAT?

Candidates must possess the following at time of registration:

  • Valid Florida Driver’s License
  • State of Florida Firefighter I & II Certificate of Competency from the State Fire Marshal (not your school graduation certificate) or current Dept ID (if currently employed)
  • State of Florida EMT or Paramedic License
  • EVOC Certificate of Completion
  • Valid Broward Countywide Physical Assessment Test (CW-PAT) (CSRIPS and BFA Countywide are the only valid certificates accepted)

If a candidate does not possess all of these at the time of registration they will be denied.  Candidates will not be permitted to register with partial qualifications.

If the hiring agency is interested in the candidate, the agency will make contact with the candidate and provide directions on the next step.  A current list of the participating agencies may be found on the BC-FRAT tab of the CSRIPS website,

Can I attend the testing sessions in shorts and a t-shirt?

Please refer to the Dress Code Policy in the BC-FRAT manual for complete details.

What is the refund policy?

Should a candidate voluntarily cancel, all refunds will be made according to the following refund schedule. Candidates are entitled to a refund of tuition when classes are dropped during the applicable program refund deadlines published on the course description. An automated process will generate a refund within 30 days after the final drop/ date for each term.

Refund Policy for all candidates:

  1. All refunds will be made within thirty (30) days of drop time period.
  2. All refundable monies will be fully refunded if the application is not accepted or if the candidate cancels during the drop time period.
  3. If you withdraw at any time after the drop deadline, you will be terminated and a refund will NOT be given.
  4. If you are removed from class due to regulation violations, you will be terminated and a refund will NOT be given.

Payments made with credit card will be refunded to the same credit card.

What happens after I complete all three phases of the testing process?

After successfully completing all 3 phases of the testing process, the candidate’s name will appear on a master list for the hiring agencies.  This list will appear in alphabetical order with the candidates profile, raw scores, and overall score.   The hiring agencies will be able to sort the data whichever way they choose.

Who maintains my candidate profile?

Candidates will be responsible for maintaining their own records in the system.  This will include contact information as well as the candidate hiring status.  Please refer to Candidate Records in the BC-FRAT Manual.

Will there be an orientation available?

Yes, an orientation will be available; the orientation date will be posted on the website The orientation will be shown on Facebook live and available for replay on demand.

What if I have more questions?

Please review the BC-FRAT Manual for more details in regards to the testing process.  Should you still have questions after reviewing the material, please email us at and allow 1 business day for a response.

What if I don't agree with my grade?

A detailed due diligence was performed on all aspects of the testing criteria, the delivery and format, and the grading process by the BC-FRAT agency team. Because some information may be used again in future testing sessions, the grading information cannot be shared with the candidates.

Results are final and cannot be grieved. If you are still unsure about what you may have missed, you are strongly encouraged to review your books for the scenarios that were tested.