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Upon submission of a Paramedic, Firefighter I & II, or EMT-B application, Veterans are required to submit the following documents:
GI Bill 9/11

  • A “Certificate of Eligibility” which will show their available benefits. Any student who is not entitled to 100% payment of tuition would be required to pay the difference to the school prior to the start of the class.
  • A copy of your DD214 which states “Honorable Discharge.”
  • All veterans must provide either the VA 22-1990 (first time use of benefits) or VA 22-1995 (if benefits have been used).
  • All veterans must provide all of their previous official transcripts by Orientation Day plus 60 calendar days. If transcripts are not provided, benefits will be terminated. Student will be responsible financially responsible for tuition.

For veterans who are covered by Chapter 33 – tuition only (post 9/11), payments are submitted directly via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) into the City of Coral Springs bank account.  Should the student be withdrawn before payment is received from the VA, the student becomes responsible for all financial obligations.  Until all obligations are met, no further processing or re-enrollment will happen.

For veterans who are covered by Chapter 30, payments are made to the school directly from the student. The student may then receive payment, in arrears, from the VA.

The Coral Springs Regional Institute of Public Safety will certify the enrollment for all Veterans eligible for Veteran Educational Benefits into the VA-ONCE system which electronically submits their enrollment to the VA benefit processing center.

Veterans who enroll in the EMT-B and Paramedic programs will have adjusted course hours due to ride time and hospital time. Those adjusted hours are submitted through VA-ONCE.

The VA will only pay tuition for the Firefighter I & II, EMT-B, and Paramedic programs. Registration fees, PAT fees, background check fees, manuals and other ancillary fees are not included. Those fees are the responsibility of the student.